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Welcome to
Silver Glass Studios,

In our workshop, we create and re-create beautiful objects from Lord of the Rings and the realms of Middle Earth for your costume or home, specializing in Elven, Rohan and Gondorian designs. We make replicas of items seen in the films, but we also make custom creations inspired by the cultures of Middle Earth. From Scabbards, to swords and knives, to Wizard's Staff's and other objects of beauty, we can make your visions and dreams come true. We're not just artists, WE'RE FANS!

Lord of the Rings Scabbards
Here are some of the scabbard replicas we offer, as well as some of the custom made scabbards, inspired by the cultures of Middle Earth, which we have created for customers. Items FOR SALE will have a price listed, items without prices have been sold and are shown as examples of our work.

Click on the Scabbard Replica you wish to see or click on "Custom Scabbards" to view our one-of-a-kind creations.

Lord of the Rings Custom Swords & Weapons
Here are some of the custom designed Swords, Spears and other weapons we have created for our customers.

Lord of the Rings Inspired Wizards Staff's
Here are some of the custom made, one-of-a-kind Wizards Staff's we have for sale or have created for customers before.

Lord of the Rings Inspired Props and Art
Here are some of the custom creations we have made which were inspired by the Lord of the Rings and the cultures of Middle Earth.

Please excuse our dust while we update our Website! Thank You!


Customer Comments...
Here is what some of our customers are saying about our work! Photos are of actual customers with the items they wrote about.

Asher M.- Irvine, CA.

"Wow Chris... so worth the wait.
Your work is exceptional! Design and craftsmanship are extraordinary.Thank you! See my facebook posting about it:   Make a comment on the posting so others might find you.


Danielle R.- Atlanta, GA.

"Chris, the scabbard arrived today and looks great!


Asher M.- Irvine, CA.

Need I say more?
Thank you Chris.


There are many other possibilities and the only limit is imagination. Contact me if I can be of service.

I have added a special section for those who love Rohan. The website includes a comprehensive history of Rohan, a description of my Rohan costuming and reenacting "personae" and ideas and information on costuming designs, armor, weapons, clothing and other items. There are also links to those who sell items useful to Rohan costumers. Additionally, there is a gallery of costume and reference photos and you will be able to submit photos of your own Rohan costumes. This site will be frequently added to so keep checking back! Just click on the link below or go to

The Realm of the Horse-Lords

Thank you for looking and Namarie!

Related Links: I personally own a set of beautiful leather armor built by the outstanding smiths at Schmitthenner Armory. I purchased a combination set of their "Hunter Package II" armor which is in the style of that worn by Eomer in the Lord of the Rings films and I am absolutely thrilled with it. They made it to my measurements and in the custom colors I requested. They also make Elven leather armor and other wonderful products. Their prices are extremely reasonable too. I highly recommend this company! Please visit them.

Please note that I have no affiliation with United Cutlery, Inc., New Line Productions, Inc. or The Saul Zaentz Company or any of their subsidiaries.